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Wishing everyone a special Happy Thanksgiving. Nancy we can be thankful for you in allowing all of us to be a part in this wonderful, knowledgeable site. By: Lorrie U on November 26th, at pm. Hitler and the Nazis were elected to office in Germany. And 50 million people died in that war, including 6 million Jews. The Bible has zero legal standing in our system of government, and any candidate who believes otherwise should be automatically disqualified from seeking public office.

The AKP received 4. His gaffes are bountiful which only tends to enhance his appeal. I went on the web to see if any one else saw this strange quirky similarity and if so, if they could offer a reasonable explanation on the appeal. I came up with the following excellent editorial…….. Watching Trump in has the feel of an episode in which Archie runs for president. Or, perhaps, Archie runs for president after an episode in which he wins the lottery. One will remember, of course, that after All in the Family, Archie had a followup series in which he owned and ran a bar.

It is important to bear in mind that one of the effects of vulgarity is for others, observers outside the loop, to dismiss the vulgarizing movement. Gaffes are fully part of the appeal. The Tea Party base looms as a potential whirlwind on the ready, seeking that transcendent individual around whom to take shape. This is the game that Trump is playing. Trudy — That poor kitty! So cute! Jerry — I think Trump has gone off the rails and lost his appeal except to those who are just like him. Even republicans I know are appalled by him. I think most polls are skewed by selective questions and targeted groups to get the results they want to sway the stupid people who believe in them.

Your comment suggests that Trump is on his way out as a serious contender. Are they really THAT stupid?

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I got a full house and four people died. He was using a dotted line. He caught every other fish. Now you can educate yourself on how to correctly use acronyms. Happy learning! Subsequent references to the acronym can be made just by the capital letters alone. For example:. Note: The Associated Press Stylebook does not use this approach.

It simply uses the abbreviation soon after the spelled out use. The Chicago Manual of Style recommends the approach I suggest, but it also includes an example with the abbreviation first and the spelled out version in parentheses. This latest will further alienate some of the mainstream republicans, and as you can see, Carson is now slipping because of his demonstrated lack of viability. Polls tend to also ignore social media, where opinions are quite different than what polls are indicating.

By: Lorrie U on November 27th, at am. Of course you may be right. This could very well be a temporary anomaly. Nevertheless there seems to be a distinct movement in the air that has a momentum all of its own. Perhaps it can be defined as a gut level reaction in wanting things to revert back to the old way of thinking. A grass-root resistance to the new?

Jerry, thanks for enumerating Pres. This is part of the effect of transiting Saturn square transiting Neptune; Neptune encompasses all healthcare for all, equal rights for gays, shelter for immigrants, etc. But Uranus was trine easy-peasy the south node in Virgo. This suggests a radical Uranus break from old values Venus and a turn toward a more all-encompassing attitude. The resistance to this change is not hesitant south node- old ways — is trine Uranus and that requires the break with the old albeit a Uranus thing needs to be done over time.

Hence 3 squares between transiting Saturn and Neptune. Their 1st square yesterday is only the cracking of the rigid Saturn hold. Their 2nd square in June comes as Jupiter and the North Node now, 27 years later, in Virgo are conjunct and trine Pluto transformation. Their 3rd and final square in this series comes in September, midway between the eclipses and only 2 months before the U. Presidential election. The September solar eclipse in Virgo — the sign where the south node was in the Saturn-Neptune conjunction — will form a T-square with Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius which will still be in effect on Election Day and beyond.

On Election day, when the transiting south node old patterns ready to be released in Pisces will be conjunct transiting Neptune who dissolves. If not then, when? Some are actually embarrassed by the current candidates in their party. The disenfranchised feed off of and empower each other, making it difficult to pierce their biases. Since they are not the majority, the only hope is for those who really care about preventing further decline in our country to get out and become involved on local levels, and VOTE! In AZ, we never seem to be able to have democratic candidates who can appeal to enough people to vote out John McCain for example, mostly because of name recognition.

The DNC has focused mostly on supporting the top candidate s and not helping candidates in red states who could use a helping hand. A good example this year is the scheduling of debates to help their presumed candidate for president who may not be able to turn out the vote, and very little to help those downstream. By: Lorrie U on November 27th, at pm. I think one major, major point separating the left and right is guns. It may not always be rational but people want to feel safe and men are traditionally the protectors although I think they are getting used to independent female partners and so they support those who take that stance.

In fact, a woman just shot an assailant today who pulled a gun on her. I have a friend who says they arrive daily, but no matter how often they arrive, law enforcement must be allowing this to happen! Lorrie, I was raised by Republicans. What I noticed was they have a need to set things right. Balance the books, so to speak. This seems to hold true currently with many in the Party and it trumps sorry any need they might have to pick an actual viable candidate.

Witness Sara Palin, who seemed to make enough of them happy that they went with her enthusiastically. She was a pure standard-bearer. To others she was an affront to the Libruls. For some, picking someone who angered Democrats was more important than winning. Of course, they probably wanted to hand the failing economy off to the Democrat, be it Obama or Clinton. Republicans for Bernie?

You betcha! Clare Foran Nov 24, There are Facebook groups and Reddit forums devoted entirely to Republicans who adore the Vermont senator. The big banks control an obscene amount of wealth in this country and he wants to go after them. Eliseo, I have to wonder if they are supporting Bernie at the moment only because they think he would be easier to defeat in the general election? Call me sceptical of their true motivation.

Kiwi, Your supposition is certainly logical and reasonable. But it appears these folks are sincere. They appear to genuinely dislike ALL of the R. I share your suspicions, kiwi, because I remember Donald Segretti. The people in the audience and speaking are probably good people, but they ALL look alike — white-haired white men, many wearing eyeglasses, a slight paunch, and styless clothes. They are talkinig about getting out the vote for and we know who they want I wonder what they would think about Bernie?

They are SO paranoid…. Just because they want stricter background checks or to deal with the mental health aspect? They talk like there are no existing gun rights. The people at the meeting seemed to be, Arbo. Is law enforcement THAT corrupt? Did you read the article in The Atlantic? All of that was part of my job description and skills in the years I worked in the mental health system and the criminal justice system. They really DO like and respect Bernie, even when they disagree with him. They stand out because they are R.

The question in my mind is… how numerous are they? I believe it IS a dying party, though their hold remains in the South and at the local level in several state legislatures. A case can be made that it refers to the National Guard and not the general public, in which case there are a lot of law beakers out there. Bernie looks just like that, and he is always angry. And, Arbo, yes, it refers to a well-regulated militia but none of the guns rights people care about that distrinction and I really do think that some modifications might occur at some point to the current laws and their enforcemente but I somewhat doubt it.

I did want to point out to you guys that, although Republicas are leaving the party, a few Democratic officials just switched to the Republican Party…one is a Native American who said he felt the Republicans were more helpful to his goals but he would have to work to get his constituents to agree. AA, he probably means at the state level. The right has spent many years scaring people with Socialism. Your response?

I voted very strongly for instant background checks. I want to see them made stronger, probably the most important thing that we can do. Number two, I voted in a state which has almost no gun control, not an easy vote—I voted against the NRA, and I voted to ban certain types of semiautomatic weapons. I voted to eliminate this gun show loophole which allows people to purchase guns without a background check.

And, by the way, in addition to that, what I believe is, we need to do a lot, lot better job in terms of mental health in this country. Vermont is a rural state in which tens of thousands of people enjoy hunting and own guns. I am pro-gun, and pro-hunting.

I voted for the ban on assault weapons, which brought the wrath of the NRA down on me. During the interview, there was discussion about Republicans and other conservatives who are starting to listen to what Sanders has to say, and even embracing his message. Voters who have identified as staunch Republicans their entire lives find themselves getting behind the self-described democratic socialist Senator from Vermont. GOP voters are also disenchanted with their choice of candidates. Front-runner Trump is a racist buffoon, runner-up Carson is a delusional psychotic, and third-place candidate Rubio has a checkered past when it comes to handling finances and is a demonstrated slacker when it comes to his job, having missed over a third of Senate votes this year.

The big picture here is that both corporations and government are responsible for the problems that we now face. By: Lorrie U on November 28th, at am. Thank you Lorrie, for all the legwork. I hope the Republican Awakening is real and not another weapon of mass distraction. We can vote our anger and frustration if we choose to.

However I have been a much deeper supporter of his as his time has worn on as an actual leader. You abandoned him because he did not live up to your expectations, but I never had those expectations and he has more than lived up to my expectations over his last 5 years. And he has been great in many ways. After all, we are actually living in the now and most here are living in the USA and the US has never been nearly perfect.

The US has always been a huge asshole globally. What new questions do we want to pose on the planetary energies? To add a note of actual astrology here, I have neptune conj with saturn right at my root and it is in a very stressful yod with a bunch of other odd and horrid conjunctions of outer and personal planets, so I have had to deal with this Stuff for a long long time. I am now of the age that I just say it straight from my astrological POV. So I will totally vote for Mr. And she has not just supported some tiny state that loves hunting in the USA. Planned Parenthood, October 16, I did a midnight chart, not having the actual time of its opening yet.

I noted the clustering in the 10, 11th and 12th houses, and in the 2nd, 3rd and fourth houses. Planned Parenthood has always seen itself as a helping institution a facilitor institution rather than one that seeks publicity for itself. But, to get matters straight, I never had over-expectations for President Obama, but I did have hope that he was the best choice, and he has not disappointed me in that he has done the best he could do with the opposition he faced.

I believe that is the game he is playing on this as well. As far as a man and a father and human being, I believe he is the best, and was the best choice for this point in time of history. Now I support a similar man with strong convictions and feel he is the best choice in an otherwise dysfunctional race, including Clinton and her history as a member of the elite class. Thank you. I could never understand why white men like him so much, but you hit the nail on the head: Bernie channels their anger. Although this paradigm shifting aspect has made its last exact square, its influence is certainly far from over.

The company has created an entire section on its website to deny the facts. CEO has started a media tour to try to push back. CEO defended the company by actually bragging about giving away a few thousand drought kits to its employees. Are you kidding? These people are shameless. The State takes both, shoots one, milks the other, and then throws the milk away. You sell one and buy a bull. Your herd multiplies, and the economy grows. You sell them and retire on the income. The milk rights of the six cows are transferred via an intermediary to a Cayman Island Company secretly owned by the majority shareholder who sells the rights to all seven cows back to your listed company.

The annual report says the company owns eight cows, with an option on one more. You sell one cow to buy a new president of the United States , leaving you with nine cows. No balance sheet provided with the release. The public then buys your bull. You sell one, and force the other to produce the milk of four cows. Later, you hire a consultant to analyse why the cow has dropped dead. You borrow lots of euros to build barns, milking sheds, hay stores, feed sheds, dairies, cold stores, abattoir, cheese unit and packing sheds.

You still only have two cows. You go on strike, organise a riot, and block the roads, because you want three cows. You redesign them so they are one-tenth the size of an ordinary cow and produce twenty times the milk. You then create a clever cow cartoon image called a Cowkimona and market it worldwide. You decide to have lunch. None of them belong to you. You charge the owners for storing them. You have people milking them. You claim that you have full employment, and high bovine productivity.

You arrest the newsman who reported the real situation. You tell them that you have none.

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I found your blog using Builderall. Take a look at my blog … Lindsey. Having read this I thought it was very enlightening. It must have taken you great efforts to create this article… Appreciate! Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog well, almost…HaHa! This interview was recorded on April 30, Your way of describing all in this piece of writing is actually nice, all be capable of simply know it, Thanks a lot.

You still have no cows, but at least you are now a Democracy. Business seems pretty good. You close the office and go for a few beers to celebrate. The one on the left looks very attractive…. I shared some thoughts on this a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for sharing that. Hades rules the Plutonian underworld and Vesta relates to security issues. Would that indicate a terror attack on US soil? Just as importantly, tr.

Saturn 10 Pisces right at the mid point forming a dual semi-square to both. It is my understanding that a solar eclipse when highlighted by conjunction, trine, square or opposition to a persons natal planet tends to set the tone for new experiences and change for the next year or so. More often than not, it is when the eclipse degree is triggered by the faster moving planets such as Mars is when outward events begin to manifest.

I found the following explanation by astrologer Vangelis Petritsis helpful…. Consequently, a solar eclipse is a time for setting new goals and for finding new outlets of creativity. It is also a time for expressing ourselves and for channeling our energies in new ways, as well as for taking the lead in new situations and thus for finding a new purpose in life and for achieving a new sense of identity. It is important to note, however, that every new beginning carries with it a certain amount of sadness for what may have just ended or for what we may have been called to give up so that we can move forward.

Therefore, solar eclipses mark important endings and beginnings, which can be accompanied by positive emotions, as well as by negative ones. In any case, solar eclipses give us the necessary push to close an old chapter in our lives in order to go ahead with a new chapter. Saturn rules control issues and potential for loss, and the twelfth house rules activities behind the scenes, and institutions. The solar eclipse intensifies whatever it hits as a major theme in the life for the next several months, even a year or more. Saturn in the 12th house is a struggle between principles, ideals, and the ethical way to bridge the two.

What happens if he — or someone close to him — wishes to enact something from behind the scenes that is discovered, and then perceived to be unconstitutional? Saturn in his natal chart is in the twelfth house, and, with Mars retrograde and applying to his natal Sun in his seventh house of enemies, he also needs to deal with open enmity and confrontation, possibly even warfare. So the knives are out. The stars are warning him not to permit himself to be stabbed in the back while fending off attacks from the front………. This eclipse may mark a death in his intimate circle, hopefully not his own, but it will also mark the need to release an old situation, in order to find something his soul requires.

He must trust his instincts, or he will be swamped by conflicting demands, particularly those concerning extravagance that has little real value….. The last time there was an eclipse at this place in the zodiac was 19 years ago, in January You can expect now a big turn of events with the USA economy or military. Perhaps there is important news on the war fronts in Afghanistan, another war is brewing; or the economy has just shown it is getting much better or much worse. The reader should take note, however, that during the U. Picower, a certified public accountant and lawyer who made the bulk of his fortune by investing with Bernard L.

Madoff, the Wall Street con-artist who is serving years behind bars for engineering the largest financial fraud in U. His death was ruled a heart attack by the coroner. Barb, thank you again for your astro input. Kitty thank you for the darkstar link — that site is really good for archetypal astro info!! Jerry thank you so much for re-commenting your previous comment. I had forgotten it or had not paid enough attention to it at the time. And thanks for quoting Ray Merriman. He always has many fascinating things to say.

It all adds up or starts to. It is truly fascinating and illuminating. I feel quite lucky and honored to have this forum to read and comment on. More of the lurkers should jump into the fray. Come on, you can do it. We here may disagree but we all get a comment space to comment. Not the same thing autocorrect. Just FYI. Saturn square Neptune can plausibly be interpreted to imply that confrontation is, in fact, taking place within you.

Great to remember how astrology helps us so much in planning. I just have to mentally and physically adjust to my new environment! It will make a great project! AA, All of Darkstar was informative this time. I found it all to be good. Some of his articles can get too complicated to comprehend, and hard to follow.

Jerry, We are Doomed. Are you still in India, just curious? If untoward events should happen, rather than think the worst, I think it is preferable to look at these potential challenges as an extraordinary time for spiritual growth i. A very exciting time to be alive. Kitty, Darkstar site helped me so much when I was having to suddenly do some research on the Parthenon. The sudden deadline for that was the day before I could get to my email. But it worked. I think it was you who recommended it at that time. Thanks again. For that project I found the depth he goes into about Athena was great.

But she found some really interesting info too, and, luckily she is doing all the final writing and editing. Virgo is the 10th house of the USA birth chart. Much has happened since I posted on November 13 my astrological view for the rest of the month. Good luck to us all. Crazy leaders. At least I knew it was possibly coming. Plus my personal transits are giving me quite a ride. And I hate roller coasters. I see lots of positive stuff.

Virgo November 2019 Tarot people and love

If you look for them, you will see the positive, but one must drop old paradigms to see things as they are. December is going to be somewhat better because it will untangle a few of the November events. P, by now I have learned that this will pass. I still never like the stuff that will pass that I really want to pass.

That stuff never seems to pass soon enough for me. Generations seem to haunt us at holidays and continue to bite us in the ass and attack us. For me, astrology, and the language of astroloy, is such a key into my particular kind of understanding of life as a human animal on this particular planet. I need a GD break. We humans need a GD break. We are having a GD time at evolving. Growth spurts like evolving are rather painful. Best wishes to all of us. Understand that the world around you is moving in the direction of light; of love and no matter what you view in terms of tragedy and injustice, horrors and sorrow it is all a part of a perfect plan in motion.

By: Charles Sven on November 30th, at am. Charles, thank you for that link. I do have to say, tho, that I am visited by hoards of aliens every morning. They come to my back deck and door and eat the food I lay out for them. We know all know each other. I have names for two of the crows, and several squirrels. Plus there are jays and lots of little birds. I get around an hour in the morning to have coffee and read and watch them and be watched by them. Oh, my brother-in-law is more alien than birds. And my sister too.

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But I only feed them on holidays. I do think life on planet earth is heading for awakenings, evolving and something much better. But if I do have to die soon then I want to come back as a designer please. Just read about art protests to leaders re climate change in Paris. Art and design are simply everywhere and are getting all mixed up — sound, visuals, smells etc etc all working together. High tech, low tech, whatever. Life makes art and I love it and want to play in that pool. Maybe in a few days?

AA, my suggestion is to look at all your difficult times and how they all got resolved. AA, I moved from the South area to Wash. Even though I lived in Wash. Will I stay? Right now, I take it one day at a time and will see? I consulted with long time prof. It is up to me to adjust to the weather change!! I am still lucky that husband and I are retired, and I do not have to go out, unless I choose to! Prabhata, Thank you for the words of encouragement, I appreciate them, but I was not serious, that we are doomed.

He has done this for years, until I skip most of his posts! She seeks to uphold the virtue of legislation and policy. Charles, I finished the article from your link. Now more and more are. Kitty, the hardest part for most people in the pacific NW is how dramatically the light changes in winter and the rainy season. I rather love it, and love to work indoors when it is dark and drippy out.

However I work under 4 different kinds of indoor lighting and have windows too. The color mixing of the different white lights may actually be good for health and not just to see. Plus I bundle up in nice soft old clothes. Everyone around here seems to have strategies that work for them more or less. A blast of Beethoven works for me also. P, thank you.

I called my dad today and we had a really nice long talk. He has dementia and it takes a while for him to get warmed up in conversation and he never can really do it like I know he wants. But his heart has softened and we both got to tell the other that we love each other. That was good. What I, personally, have going is my family lineage problems. My family like all families contain so much violence, hatred, resentment and murder. My fav astrologer and she is so good told me recently that somehow I was supposed to change the direction of the family energies — to stop the violence and to pass on something much healed and good for the young ones.

I have no idea how she saw that in my chart. I want to take the sickness out of the festering closets and get some light and air on them. They are just so fake about it all being so very terribly nice to my face until they slip and say something out loud that they are obviously thinking. Then I have to put on my Athena armor and do a bit of defensive warfare and some nursing of myself and the kids who have had to be exposed to it.

That family has never healed for generations and generations. They deny that I am having any health problems the blood tests say whatever it is it is most likely very serious. The brutalization of females by both males and females in that lineage has got to stop. It would hurt them. I get to cook, and then clean, clean some more, shop, cook and clean.

Make sure the house is just the right temperature for them. Make sure they have lights they can easily read by and maybe a throw blanket if their legs get chilled. Sometimes I sort of resent it and feel a bit like Cinderella. But mostly it just exhausts me and makes my health even worse. I have to take my pleasures where I can get them since my professional work does not stop and is even revving up right now in a very dizzying way.

I try to spend an hour in the morning feeding the critters outside then communing with them. We exchange gifts every day. And my daughter is wonderful as are all the young people in my life and my friends are too. And I have many interests in life so that is fun. Thank you, AA. He is several states away from the cousins but stays in close touch and helps as he can.

He himself, thank creation, has transmuted the energy—at the cost of his health also. However he perseveres. Hang in there. Is it for your daughter? It just sounds toxic and ike you have to be phony also, and put on an act. Sometimes family can be pushy instead of understanding, but if they are supportive, you put up with it but you also have the option of distancing yourself if it is not such a healthy situation.

Brandalism, a UK-based guerilla street art group, inserted unauthorised works by over 80 international artists in more than ad spaces, according to its press statement. Some of the pieces criticised corporations that are official sponsors of the climate talks as well as being big polluters, such as the airline Air France and the energy giant GDF-Suez. By: Lorrie U on November 30th, at pm. With the terrible events that unfolded over the holiday weekend still reverberating across the country, it is timely that the Christian Research group LifeWay would release the findings of a survey they conducted concerning abortion and the demographics of abortion when it comes to religion.

The study was co-sponsored by Care Net, a pregnancy center support organization. On the plus side, and probably surprising to many on the right of this issue who frequently share horror stories of women secretly having abortions while good Christian men are powerless, the majority of women based their decision to terminate a pregnancy regardless of their religious affiliation on the influence of the father of the unborn child.

Maybe some who think only white-haired, angry white males like Bernie could be wrong? Women and young people love him, too. Turkey and Russia will stay in limbo for awhile. The Turkish shoot-down was thus in essence an effort to dissuade the Russians from continuing their operations in the area against al-Nusra Front and its allies, using not one but two distinct pretexts: on one hand a very dubious charge of a Russian border penetration for NATO allies, and on the other, a charge of bombing Turkmen civilians for the Turkish domestic audience.

Interesting huh? Some of it looks just like advertising signage and gets seen casually and maybe subliminally, but it gets a point across in a trojan horse sort of way. I like the idea and have for years. Sharon, actually I moved away from the family as soon as I could as a youngster. I moved to the east, to the south, to California and finally settled in Portland. For 20 years I did not have one single holiday with them and I was just fine with that. Then, after I had a little kid, my sister decided to move to PDX and to a house just one block away from me. I thought about moving again, but, hey I was here first and why should I keep being driven off?

Plus, my girl had a life here and some cousins and I absolutely love all those kids. I know my sister and brother-in-law sort of spy on me here. I know she and my mother gossip about me, proven by several texts my mother sent to me instead of her by accident. Also, now that the kids are grown they have told me how I was talked about by their parents. My family picks out a person from each generation and they become the sacrificial animal where the entire negative stuff of the family gets projected onto them and then they can be destroyed. I knew that at age 10 and witnessed how violently awful it was direct murderous violence for others, I was only a bystander at the time.

Sorry to go on and on. I have come to the conclusion that me being nice and nicer will not change anything with them. So all I have left is to stand my ground and say no. They may end up being the family scapegoat for unacknowledged abuse, in seething sibling rivalry or are made to wear the skeletons in the domestic closet. Moon conjunct Pluto is like a magnet that pulls out, kicking and screaming, all the long buried toxins in a person or organisation up to the surface for healing.

Primal Protector. Moon conjunct Pluto may be obsessed with their mother, have an obsessive mother or be obsessed with motherhood in general. They have a powerful urge to protect the innocent from abuse and abduction. This includes themselves if they feel they have been victimised, so they may be seen a incredibly defensive. They are never one place long enough either mentally or physically to become stale. This aspect can create a really off-the-wall sense of humour and a surreal mindset. The negative side can be an overly idealistic vision of their Utopia which does not allow for failure, natures imperfections or any concept that messes up their grand symmetry.

It is so frustrating and annoying, but gives answers to some of the problems happening there. Koch bros. AA, Darkstar can be very heavy duty and riveting! He really opens the mind to many psychological paths. It is an intense site that you can learn from. I had forgotten that this is the thing to do for more sunlight! This is a wonderful poem by Keats. Standing aloof in giant ignorance, Of thee I hear and of the Cyclades, As one who sits ashore and longs perchance To visit dolphin-coral in deep seas.

So thou wast blind! The other thing that gives away that NATO gave the orders:. Turkey made no effort to help rescue the pilots, but instead allowed its proxy fighters to shoot one of them and attack a rescue helicopter, killing another Russian soldier. Turkey admits the Russian plane went into Turkey territory 17 seconds. Yet, Turkish PM said he gave the order to shoot down. And those two points are enough to figure out that it was a deliberated planned hit. President Barack Obama today put his signature on a law supporting the rights of space miners to extract, use and sell resources from asteroids, the moon, Mars and other celestial bodies — giving space-minded entrepreneurs something extra to be thankful for.

With any luck, the 25, delegates from governments and agencies around the world will arrive at an accord that could mean better days are ahead for our planet. These advances come in many shapes and sizes. Take solar energy, for example. Newsweek explained earlier this year that the price to install solar panels has plummeted by 70 percent since Twenty governments around the world pledged this week to double clean energy research as part of Mission Innovation. But even regulators acknowledge that change starts small: New York state officials said this summer that the transition to clean energy begins with individual residents.

Planets square Pluto on Dec. Republicans and Democrats are unlikely to cooperate on solutions or new directions to deal with all this upheaval. The Sagittarius New Moon is square Chiron wounds and Jupiter expansion unleashing more extreme responses on all sides. Capricorn Solstice configurations point to Turkey and Russia taking stronger positions with respect to Syria, even though Turkey recently shot down a Russian plane that entered their air space.

Greece under a Saturn influence will, once again, be in conflict about the deal they forged with the EU and threaten to pull out. Germany, Norway, Denmark and Italy have a Jupiter influence which point to economic improvements. The season calls upon us to tap into a greater spiritual reality; the elegant truth streaming from our hearts into the stars and back again.

The universe somehow miraculously created all of us out of the divinity and love within itself. Re the conference in Paris, with the U. Republican leaders being so recalcitrant, I sense a huge grassroots wave rising among the young who have to deal with the futute. You would think these older folks would CARE about their grandchildren. Re Donald Trump, Rubio and Cruz are coming up fast. Rubio appeals to moderates and Evangelicals so he could end up as the candidate. I think too much of the people in our country yes, the Republicans, too to see them choose Trump even though he has a lot of supporters.

Re Moon in Pluto and being too nice, well, AA, I, too, have my moon conj pluto in Leo and opp Mercury in Aquarius so I have been dealing with some of those challenges Darkstar pinpointed some stuff but it sounded much more dramatic than I feel it is in real life. It sounds like you are finding the balance. Here is a nice news items that you will not find widely covered here in the U. So uncertainty and confusion.

That returns on and off till With Solar Arc Saturn square Pluto by late as well. So a very tough time ahead. Sharon K, you are the 3rd person I know of who has received guidance from an elderly relative to let go of interpersonal problems and focus on love…must be something in the planets? It might also put his Moon in his natal 6th house fix it or 12th house hospitals. It might also put his Sun in the natal 11th house of groups, something he considers his campaign is based on.

The 11th house is associated with the sign Aquarius which does not emphasize individuals but groups of individuals. Uranus rules Aquarius. Or Saturn if you prefer, but trans. Chiron in Pisces which probably indicated Bernie needed to get the surgery done now. By: Lorrie U on December 1st, at pm. I like 6th House Moon for Bernie too; where was he born can you remind me? The race continues to look sharply different on television than it does on social media. Noelle, Saturn Neptune square? I love myself, I forgive myself, and I release myself from this relationship which is detrimental to myself.

I did this and let go of the attachment to the relationship. Interestingly, this person then did want to create a new bond with me, but I chose not to. It was completed with love and good will on both parts. By: Lorrie U on December 2nd, at am. She speculates that the pres is in negotiations to sell the company.

Either that or the company is committing professional suicide. Nothing is clear tho. The company employees still carry on with their phenomenal growth and explorations tho. It seems much like what is happening on larger world stages. Back room negotiations, involving money values and power s , nothing is clear to everyone who has to live in the swamp of conflicting info.

Re Bernie and Hillary: Obama won the 08 primary not on popular votes but because he knew how to do caucuses. Like it or not, popular vote or sentiment is not how this government works see the Gore v Bush case , and who is ever able to work the caucuses and the other state primary systems, will get the points needed to be nominated. So it may be more of a fair contest. Hillary is hard-assed and Bernie is perpetually angry, but, at least so far, they have not tried to destroy each other in this primary.

And, IMO, both would work for the other in the general if they lost the primary, just like Hillary worked very hard for Obama in 08 after he beat her in the primary. My mother refuses to forgive my dad, but his heart has softened towards her and towards me quite a bit. But for my mom, it is obvious she just wishes he would just die and get it over with. She never stuck up for herself but kept a brooding resentment inside until it turned into hatred in these last years.

It has not done her any good. She refuses to see any of the actual good things he did and he was never physically violent but only can remember the bad. Then more memories, long forgotten, started to flood back in. I suppose neptune works that way tho. I had to continue that relationship legally and so did not have the option to not see or deal with him or my mother, but I now do that as a very different person — I could not let go of them, but I could let go of who — I — was.

My dad likes that, my mother really really does not. All I can say is good luck!! And best wishes!!! Thank you, Lorrie…. It does sound like it would work and, in fact, I just tried it and it feels good. It looks powerful, man. A video that seemingly bolsters Russian claims of Turkish government complicity with the Islamic State, highlights the casual relations between the terror group and Turkish officials. International security expert, Dr. By: Lorrie U on December 2nd, at pm. The nurses are passionate about Sanders because he champions the right to health care for everyone, no matter when or where they need it, Idelson said.

Hillary Clinton is on wrong side of everything: Stop telling me I have to vote for her because of the Supreme Court. If HRC is the nominee, we are in deep trouble. Officials initially reported there were up to 20 victims, and up to three shooters were at large. According to its Facebook page, the Inland Regional Center assists individuals with developmental disabilities. It has nearly staff and provides services to more than 30, people. The shooter was still at large at about a.

That kind of hate does no one any good in the long or short term. Things are blending. We are becoming a global culture. Age of Aquarius sort of thing. Equals a group of individuals. We could use it to blow away the cobwebs of the current year, clearing out our life ready for the new one. I strongly suggest one of the first two is the way to go!

It demands mature wisdom, not wishful thinking; embodied spirituality not fantastical escape from a world under pressure. This is not an easy task and it will take some doing for many of us! But the heavens support our every effort not to be. But this is a double-sided brink, with recovery and awakening a stride away and we can choose which way to jump.

The need to slow down, clear out the general detritus of every day that clogs our consciousness and occupies our minds and hearts was never more vital than now. Transiting Jupiter is only 1 degree from being conjunct the U. Transiting Isis is trine transiting Chaos. They both trine the U. We are under a transiting Saturn-square-transiting Neptune. Saturn at 7 Sagittarius opposes the U. Uranus at 8 Gemini. Transiting Neptune at 7 Pisces squares the U. A Grand Cross is a stressful configuration consisting of 4 squares and 2 oppositions.

Squares motivate action. If the oppositions in the grand cross can find balance, the tension from the squares can be reduced. Presently, these U. From the perspective of astrology, IMO it is an effort strategy to change minds and laws regarding the accessibility of guns and ammunition in the USA. Only U. Chaos in Scorpio. In January, transiting Saturn will reach the U. The ascendant of a chart is the window to the world for the one whose chart it is. Saturn restricts. Launch of the LISA Pathfinder it happening in next few minutes… check wiki to detect gravitational waves.

Thank you for your comments and in your opinion—. The mission would evolve from the ESA LISA Pathfinder technology research demonstrator scheduled for launch in December 3, into a full scale gravitational wave observatory. It aims to measure gravitational waves directly by using laser interferometry. The distance between the satellites is precisely monitored to detect a passing gravitational wave. I personally back off anything or person with Lilith connections or be very cautious when my own gets affected.

Barb, thank you for your comment! Alex too — and thank you for some keys into understanding our own personal ways to process this. I, personally, have a grand cardinal natal square and it has not been pretty. It has cause me to be exposed to death and destruction and murder for so long.

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The Art of Holistic Tarot Therapy

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You get to travel all over the world, meet with applicants and make admission decisions. All you do is make people happy. I wish I had as much fun at my job as you. They open the propane valves on flame effects that spew fountains of fire that can seen for miles across the city. They turn on the colorful lights and lasers of more than art cars and power up some of the most powerful sound systems on earth to make the night come alive. Fire dancers spin, juggle and twirl fire in ways designed to boggle and amaze.

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Do you know each other? Secretary of State John Kerry, in coaxing the two sides back to the negotiating table during months of shuttle diplomacy, was clear that Abbas would face economic and political isolation if he refused. In other words, there is no obvious need for paperwork problems.

Thanks funny site simvastatin atorvastatin equivalent dose table Sonja Danburg, program manager for U. Goldman Sachs will report itsthird-quarter earnings on Oct. This site is crazy plendil 5 mg fass Lewis has spent the past six weeks with the Bills. He was acquired in a trade with Detroit in late August, after Manuel was sidelined with a left knee injury and veteran Kevin Kolb sustained a concussion. A Pew poll published in January of 1, adults found that 63 percent believed the decision should not be overturned, versus 29 percent who thought it should be.

Could you please repeat that? Have you got a telephone directory? How many more years do you have to go? Then they get blamed and taken into conservatorship. Now congress wants to do away with FnF and give all loans to the banks, plus have the tax payers insure it through a FHIC. It is a merry-go-round made to look like one parties fault. When it is actually the banks big mistakes that caused the whole mess. Yet, they will be the benificiary… What a joke..

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His threedaughters were attending a private school in rural England. Hey there! I know this is kind of off-topic however I needed to ask. Does building a well-established website like yours require a lot of work? Please let me know if you have any kind of ideas or tips for brand new aspiring bloggers. Buy Hydroxyurea Online But it has come up against authorities in cities like New York and San Francisco that levy taxes on — or prohibit outright — short-term rentals, raising questions about how it will navigate local regulations as it continues to grow.

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How do you know each other? The Obama administration isweighing environmental concerns over that long-delayed project. I study here order duetact As he spoke at the site, a train of cars, 1. Yes, I love it! Will Griffin, another ISAF spokesman, said that the operation in the area involved a combined force of international and Afghan troops, but gave no further details. That contradicted information initially provided by Afghan authorities about the incident. The different accounts could not be immediately reconciled Thursday. It is really a enormous number of all styles of apps vs a fairly unsatisfied decision of a handful for Zune.

Microsoft includes courses, specifically inside of the realm of online games, but I am not of course I might will need towards wager on the future if this aspect is sizeable toward on your own. The iPod is a a lot greater option within just that scenario. That sentence, seen by many Bangladeshis as too lenient, led to widespread protests and a prosecution appeal. What happens to those convicted on multiple counts, one commentator asked, when only some are covered by the amnesty? Citing law enforcement sources, the site claimed the Emmy winner was driving in Santa Monica around 11 p.

Pressly was reportedly arrested and booked at the Santa Monica jail after taking a field sobriety test. At the end of the day, GOD is still in control. Thank you all for your prayers and support. I will love you forever Trayvon!!! Van Denk confirmedlast week that the Luxembourg bank is now fully in place, andhas already structured more than USDm in inter-company loans. He was overall with a The United States Purchase Antabuse The talks, between the US Secretary of State John Kerry and his opposite number Sergei Lavrov in Geneva will focus on how to take chemical weapons out of the equation in Syria but the battle for control of the country using conventional weapons continues.

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How much does the job pay? His wife Sally has made headlines by appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, posing for a picture in a bedsheet, and being sued for making unguarded remarks on Twitter. What qualifications have you got? Contrary to repeated boasts by European leaders, this continues to get worse. Appalling damage is being inflicted across southern Europe, with the destruction of entire economies and tens of millions of lives wrecked.

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But Fed leaders have also come around to the idea that changing the pace can have broader, and potentially unwelcome, market implications. Your cash is being counted nasal spray fluticasone furoate The three accused teens all declined comment after they appeared in Pinellas County courthouse on Tuesday. All were charged with aggravated battery, but Reddin was hit with an additional charge of robbery. While private home prices could hold atcurrent levels, HDB resale prices are likely to fall in comingquarters.

What sort of music do you like? These stocks have the potential to produce superior returns but are also higher-risk investments. Could you tell me the dialing code for? Buy Tadalafil In the highest-profile conviction of a politician indecades, Tsohatzopoulos was sentenced in March to eight years inprison for failing to disclose the source of his wealth andsubmitting false income statements in However, days later a fellow salt-loving friend passed along the writings of Fathom. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N. Without a successful vote in the Senate, aides in the House say leaders there are not likely to bring it up.

Seating the clientele is an art form, with VIPs and the pretty girls at the front, and couples put at the back close to the fat Russian men. Japanese businessmen come at the bottom of the pecking order. Food and Drug Administration cancer drugczar Dr. Richard Pazdur pushed for changes to shorten the trial. Others, such as Dr. Likewise, during cooler and wetter weather people tend to stay indoors, and the threat diminishes. But for one British startup, realising the power of an autistic workforce is nothing new. Cool site goodluck Buy Cheap Medroxyprogesterone A chemical attack near Damascus killed hundreds in August, and both sides have been accused of committing war crimes.

Two million people have fled the bloodshed as refugees, while millions more have been displaced inside Syria by the violence. Which year are you in? This was the highest premium on one-year U. The Pebble is the device we need — a watch that both tells time and gives you more of it. I went to urispas price This week, the Senate confirmed him to run the CFPB, a governmental watchdog arm devised to shield consumers from predatory lending and financial abuse.

They approved Cordray as part of a bipartisan deal on executive nominations. Where are you from?